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Friday 10th September - Birmingham Academy

Awesome show. Clarity of sound was impeccable and the lights were the most effective for years.
Loved the set and the surprise of the evening was Fadeout 1930 - bloody brilliant!
Replicas, Remind me to smile, and I die you die are particular live favourites of mine so this was a real treat.
Atmosphere wa terrific too, with much hand-clapping through We are glass, etc.
I was pleased that we managed to get near to the front again and was also pleased that the academy was full to bursting. I began the night thinking that it couldnt be as good as Nottingham `04, how wrong could I have been. Rico was fantastic and realy got the crowd going. ( I think it was the first support act that i can remember who wasnt drowned out by chants of Numan, Numan)Rico`s take on Talking heads - Psycho killer was a particular highlight. Numan was all that I have come to expect and more, lifting the crowd higher and higher until "I die you die" finished the set and send the more "refined" numanoids into raptures with a song I would never expect to hear in a million years " fade out 1930`s" - exellent. I have never sweat so much in my life as I did in this gig and looking around after I wasnt the only one.
Now I cant wait for the next tour, as does my 11 year old daughter Sophie who I think enjoyed it also as much as I did.



A Good Mixture

I Arrived in plenty of time, and decided to head down to the front of the stage for the first time in ages. Managed to get second row dead centre so was pleased with that. Rico were very good indeed, highlight song for me was 'Big black sea' which was well cool.

After a short wait the stage filled with a mass of dry ice, and the intro started, the band took to the stage followed by Gary, and they launched straight into the chorus of 'Rip', The banks of blinding white lights at the back of the stage looked very impressive, and i must admit it was quite a while before the dry ice cleared, and you could actually see Gary. Someone shouted 'Play some old stuff Gary', I thought give him a chance, we are still on the first song here :-)

Next was noise noise, so i guess the chap who shouted was happy by now. The vocals were a bit quiet to begin with but they were soon sorted out, and the guitar sound was very heavy, often drowning out the keyboards, but perhaps that was due to where we were standing.

Songs followed included, Voix, an excellent remind me to smile, my Jesus, Haunted (which Gary announced as a new song, and i'm not sure but think he said something about it being the next single, could be wrong as it wasnt very clear.) Replicas saw a welcome return, and it sounded great, Jagged was next, and seemed to go down well. Couple of more songs, then it was AFE?, got everyone going as usual,then straight into a rocking we are glass, the set finished with A prayer for the unborn, and the band left the stage.

Gary looked well, smiling and laughing for most of the show, he was obviously pleased with the gig, The band was the same line up as we are used to now, and they played a tight set.

Encores on the night were, my shadow in vain, Fade out 1930, Gary annonced that he wrote this when he was about 17, and that it was crap, the croud didnt think so, as it went down really well, The last song on the night was I die you die.

Overall, an excellent gig, nothing much different to some of the last shows, but never the less, a good mixture of old and new songs, with the odd surprise thrown in for good measure. Here's looking forward to the new album and full UK Tour.




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