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Thur March 4th 2004 Cardiff, Barfly

The most memorable night of my life
Having been a fan now for 25 years, this was with out a doubt the most memorable night of my life. Having only being told at 3.30pm that day that I had won a pair of tickets to see the "Great Man" it was a mad rush to get to cardiff from plymouth in time to see him. (I had to sacrifice my ticket to London...not allowed to go to both..wife said NO). Well I wasn't to be disappointed, All I can say it was awesome. Being about 4 feet from him and the band for a whole gig was quite mind blowing...My ears were still ringing 48 hours later from the sound, which for a change was perfect..(well almost!). It was just great to hear his voice as clear as crystal and to witness such a great night up close and personal. I like others, was beginning to loose a bit of faith, However I am now back to listening to Numan like I was 20 years ago.
No word of a Lie it really was simply "The Best Night" of my life

Ps If any one has any digital photos of the night then I would love to get hold of a few. I know there were lots of people taking them. I was on the left hand side at the front, Blue shirt!!!



Having come over from North America to see the Nottingham/London shows,and not being able to enter the contest. My friend and I decided to take chance and go to Cardiff. Plan was to show up, and beg, grovel, bribe, our way in...{small donation ,little grovel...thanks guys}
My jaw dropped open,in suprise at how small and intimate the venue was. 150 -200 people tops. The sound overall was very good and gary and the band were in great form. A very specal show to those lucky enough to be there.
Thanks again to the staff of the venue for getting us in to this special event. This was by far, the highlight of my trip over

Deryke Spriggs

Not Disappointed
I Was one of the lucky one's who had tickets for this gig, the build up to the day was electic,I have followed Gary for many years, and was looking forward top the show, and was not disappointed,After entering the gig a small basement room within the Barfly, Numanoids came face to face with their hero, who looked in great shape, and seemed perfectly happy to talk to fans.

Gary was taking the gig seriously, and all songs executed well, all with the cleverly composed rocky edge them.
A great night, thanks to the Numanoids I met,Tim,John,Lee & Kim, Brill !!!


Best Ever

Only one thing to say on this gig and that is best ever, I first saw Gary in 1979 and though during this time the light shows were fantastic nothing can compare to the atmosphere of Gary playing to 200 people.
It was great to walk down the stairs and see the band standing at the bar talking to fans etc,I too managed to have a chat to the band and Gary.
My dilemma now is what ever show I go to now will never top this very special gig all who were fortunate to be there were treated to a once in a life time event to which I can proudly say I was there.

Thanks Gary for a great night, and to the fans who were there as they too made the atmosphere and Gary responded to the electricity generated.

Pete N

Beyond Belief

Well I don't know where to start. At 2.30 on Thursday I was rung to say I'd won tickets - suffering with some vile illness I beleived this was a wind up until I actually got into Barfly with my good mate Tony. Had a chat with Gemma and Gary and he looked fantastic. The gig itself was beyond belief and my illness was forgotten as Gary sang out of his skin. I am still on a high now. The sound was better than last years Astoria gig - even in such a small venue. I have a photo of Gary and me taken on Thursday staring at me now - what a night it has definately made my year. I met some great new people with whom I will stay in touch and can honestly say it's the best gig I have ever been to in my life! Numan rocks - thanks Gary.


This was a really small club, the stage was set up in a small alcove. The guys from the band, Gary and Gemma mingled with the select few who had won tickets to the show and the 8 who had paid big money to be part of the night (Me included). What a night it was, the sound and atmosphere were spectacular. Gary was on top form singing a heady mix of old fav's plus later material and three new tracks. the play list was

Exposure (intro)
Call out the Dogs
RIP (Gary on Guitar)
Does God Bleed
My Jesus (Gary on Guitar)
Walking with Shadow
Down In The Park
I'm an Agent
Desire (Gary on Guitar)
Prayer for the Unborn (Gary on Guitar)
Night Talk
My Breathing
Are Friends Electric

The show was superb not as stunning as the big venues where the visual side comes over better, but far more intimate.



This was very , very exclusive and incredibly intimate . I have never felt so close to Numan and his music than tonight. He played the same set as Nottingham the night before. Got off to a rocky start with the sound problem on Films but it was all sorted half way through the song. From this point , the crowd , all 200 approx were intoxicated with the performance. Every song but for Walking With Shadows was electric ( no pun intended ). Had the wonderful opportunity to shake Gary's hand as prepared to go on stage and it only got better from there ! All round , great songs , liked Jagged and Does God bleed ( a little Linkin Park in there somewhere), great sound , great atmosphere. All in all one absolutely memorable gig which it seemed Gary was just about as excited as the crowd were.
Thanks Gary,one hell of a night !




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