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Saturday 11th September - Shepherds Bush Empire

Sound was Perfect
After the Friday night I couldn't wait for this and was not disappointed, but did Brooksy nick some of the lights?!

Sound was again perfect, the best I've heard at SBE. Would have loved to have heard Faedout 1930 again but when you have a back catalogue that the fans want to hear why not mix it up? So as Paul Ellis says, fantastic (surprise) encores.

Crazier was a stormer too.

Can't wait for the next gigs - a tour P-lease!

No Sparkle

I must say that i have the impression that gary makes not more than a job! There is no more obsession (wich allways was) in his liveshows. The light is allways the same (Like every rockband has), why not a little idea from him to show his unique style which seperated him from all the other pop liveacts.( has he lost his ideas...?) No soundintros...Why...There is no more atmosphere between the songs,they come zag zag zag without tension as it was so special in the past shows!I am afraid of that gary is loosing his bonus in the musicworld of his " I do not sound like anyone else arround..." image!!!
Gary i miss your sparkles...


Strong Show
Excellent Show. Numan vocals came over very clear from where I was standing on the first level. This time the synth sounds could be clearly heard and were not swamped by the intense base sounds as in previous gigs. Great to hear Noise Noise, The Machman and Jo The Waiter. From previous reviews it sounds like the encore set was different in Birmingham. I hope Numan will someday do Warriors, Music For Chameleons and This Is Ny House Live. I give last nights gig a strong 9/10 rating.

Fine Form
Having to use the bar to hold my ailing body up I had an excellent view of the stage (next time I'll probably be in a wheelchair!). Gary was in fine form indeed playing up very nicley for the cameras. He was very smiley this time I am sure for the benefit of the DVD. The set was fantastic -my husband who is not a Numan fan but comes for the piss up said that he thought Gary was brilliant and put on a good show - I said "well he has had enough practice". But honestly it was brilliant I just wish I had been in less pain I was not my usual vocal self as used my strenght to stay upright. The crowd were one of the best I have ever been in. It must be that as we grow older we become more tolerant of each other. I made some new friends and bumped in to some old ones and all in all had a bloody good night out - thanks as usual to Gary as obviuosly without him it couldn't happen. Very clever to have two different set lists as this will optomise the buying of DVD's with
fans wanting both - very astute Mr Numan - and who can blame him. So back home again now with aching limbs and a husky voice and a bit of a hangover. Was sorry not to see Gary at the aftershow which was very loud and packed. Had my digital all charged up and ready but I or my friends did not see him. Will sign off as I need to go an rest my liver. Thanks Gary you are still my God!! Jo Saddler xx
In Agreement
Have to agree with the other reviews - excellent set, loads of Tubeway songs, Noise Noise, Remind Me To Smile, Voix..and 2 new songs (but not Does God Bleed?..which personally I think is the better of the 3 Jagged Halo tracks (to be)).

The sound quality was very good...except when Gary spoke to the audience..and the lights were much better than some of the previous weekenders.

Fingers crossed for a Jagged Halo Tour early next year, rather than just another weekender.


I Can Hear You (Well Most of the Time)

Numan fans must have enjoyed this - the old and (some of) the new blended together - especially as there were at least five tracks from Replicas. Have to say that I still like the new tracks but on a down note 'the new song that is going to be the new single' Numan voice faded away till the last 3rd of the track... but that would be the only bad thing that I'd have to say about the night. The rest of the time the sound mix was one of the best I have heard at Shepherd's Bush for some time. Good choice of tracks to finish on, especially J.T.W.

21st Century Boy

Mighty Encores

Wow! What a mighty set of encores! During the quite simply great rendition of 'Replicas' earlier in the gig, I began to dream that, one day, Gary would do a 'Replicas' concert, rather like when The Who did a 'Tommy' and then a 'Quadrophenia' gig a few years back; then, for encores, he played The Machman, It Must Have Been Years and Jo the Waiter. Pleased? I almost fainted with pleasure. Thanks Gary.

Paul Ellis



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