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Thurs 15th February, Birmingham, Academy
He Deserves It

The first and most pleasing thing to note was that the venue was absolutley rammed, by far the best attendance I've seen at a Numan gig in Brum for over fifteen years.

The crowd were a bit quiet a the start, but once the action started they were really into it. Still too many geeks standing still just staring at the stage mind you.

These are the ones that gave us funny looks when we started moshing to Me I Disconnect from You. Come on, enjoy your selves you miserable bastards!!

Im not going to grumble about the set but as I missed all but one of the one off shows it would have been nice to have heard a This Wreckage or Observer thrown in here or there. Apart from the Pure tracks it was pretty much well trodden ground. No Exile tracks either which was a (unpleasant, personally)surprise.

Gary looked well fit, moved well and generally looked dead cool. He seems to have adopted some new stage moves courtesy of Trent Reznor and Steve Harris. Nice to see Rob Holliday guesting on Cars, a strange track for him to appear on I thought but gave it an even harder edge than usual. Gary had trouble introducing Rob because the crowd wouldnt stop chanting.

Overall the show was slick, proffessional, the sound was spot on throughout. Ade (slim shady?)missed a bit of the keyboard line at the start of My Jesus and took a bit of mimed keyboard style prompting from Gary before joining in but apart from that, perfect.

A wry smirk during the 'line keep your revivals' on Remind me to Smile confirmed what this tour means to Numan.

He's getting his opportunity all over again and he deserves it.

Only complaint : the Guiness was well watered down.

John O


The show as usual was spectacular.

Gary was his usual wonderful self on stage, putting his whole being into the performance.

The band was as good as always, especially Steve Harris. Chris my husband always makes a point of watching Steve and comments on how much he puts into his performance.

The show was a mixture of old and new which blended well together, and it was good to hear old favourites such as Every Day I Die, and Remind Me To Smile along with the new future classics such as Pure, My Jesus etc.

The encore was interesting and long, and ended without the usual 2 and people were left wondering whether that was really it, or was there more to come.

I thought the whole show from begining to end was great and I can't wait for the other 2 shows I'm going to, Manchester and London.

Well done Gary, a fantastic performance.

He seems to get better and better every time he performs!


7/10 For The Fans

Ah splendid!

Well done audience.

That's what we wanted more enthusiasim. Less standing at the back observing like goldfish.

Best audience so far.


The Crew

Crowd Loud Tonight

Well I hope the crew thought the crowd were loud enough tonight.

This was the best atmosphere since the last Shepherds Bush one-off. Loads of tracks (8?) from Pure and great versions of the oldies maintained a blistering pace throughout, though "A Prayer fo the unborn" was a strange choice for the final track.

"Everyday I die", "Metal" and "Me, I disconnect from you" were the best received of the oldies. Superb versions of each.

The sound is definitely an improvement this time, as reported at other gigs.

Also like the CD "programme" idea. It's even handy to stuff in your pocket for the times you can't just help but jump along to the music!

Great concert. Only disappointment is the tour is so short.

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