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Sat 28th April, Chicago, House Of Blues


This show was AWESOME!!!!

We arrived at the House of Blues at about 5:30p.m. we were still about a half an hour early for the pre-show gathering. It was great to see everyone we met when we were at the Metro in 1998. Mark Hubbard, Randy & Rick (sorry Sandi couldn't be here), Jim Napier & Lorraine. We had a great dinner. It was fun to talk to everyone about they had be up to for 3 years.

When we went in time to go in to the concert we had to go outside and come back in through the door there was a long line outside, but it moved fast. When we entered, the stage area was just right and beautiful. The stage was alot higher than the floor so you had to look up at the stage. Of course we went straight to the floor and stood in the middle center about 8 rows from the front.

When G.T.A played the lead singer sang to my feet on the floor. I thought they were really good. The Gwenmars were good also.

Then it was time for Gary. Wow what an entrance!! He can really work the stage and we got some really good pictures(I hope). All I can say about the concert is that it was the best concert I have ever been to. The sound was great and you could hear every word that he sang. And to quote Mark Hubbard: "It was PURE!!"

After the concert was over we couldn't find the tour bus. Mark went on a mission. Well, he came and said he found it but we had to walk down a ramp and through a tunnel that was lit. So we all went.

We waited at least an hour to see Gary. He is just so gracious. He thanked everyone who talked to. Brad asked him if he had anything in the works with the guy who does DAWN the Comic Book. He said he didn't know not yet.

After that we got our picture taken with him. All I can say is WOW what a night!!!

Brad & Sue LaVoise ([email protected])

The Best

My wife and I agree that this was the best concert that we have attended-ever.

The whole show was spectactular.

Grand Theft Audio got a much better response here in Chicago. Gwenmars were also excellent. As for Gary, you could tell he was really enjoying himself and was feeding off of the crowd.

The setlist was the same as previous shows although it seemed so much better than the Royal Oak, MI show. In my Royal Oak review I stated that fog and lights didn't really do much for me.

I must admit that the addition of these really made an impact on the show. One my wife and I will not soon forget.

The highlight of the show was by far the performance of "I Can't Breathe".

This was nothing short of amazing. It really made you appreciate what Gary is all about. He even tackled Steve (the guitarist) at the end of the song.

After all is said and done this was quite an amazing show and I hope the rest of the tour is as good as this so fans, new and old, can experience Gary at his finest.

Tim Baroski ([email protected])

Going Nuts

The House Of Blues was going nuts with Gary's best show to date in my opinion.

I attended the previous 3 gigs before Chicago as well, but Chicago was the best in sound and visuals that I've seen on this tour.

Gary played the same set list in Chicago as the previous 3 gigs.

main set: Pure Films Rip Listen To My Voice Cars Dark Down In The Park Walking With Shadows Metal My Jesus A Question Of Faith I Can't Breathe

encores: Are 'Friends' Electric? Remind Me To Smile A Prayer For The Unborn

The crowd was very enthusiastic, and Gary and the band were in rare form this night...complete with Gary jumping onto Steve Harris at the end of "I Can't Breathe".

For those of you who were there, it was a special night indeed, and for those who are still going to the gigs to come, you have much to look forward to.

Jeff Tolva (The Machman)

Great Sound, Shame About The Tapes 

Pros: Excellent venue, superb sound mix, eerie stage punctuated by nightmare marionette space alien guitarist (just Steve Harris)!

Cons: Too much reliance on tapes, Worst tour T-shirt design of the year award.

Ross ([email protected])


I hate to admit this, but this is my first Gary Numan show I have ever attended.

After nearly 25 years of being an avid fan living in the musical wasteland of Milwuakee WI, I was finaly in the right place at the right time to see the one man who has meant more to me than any other artist.

Now even I was expecting to be a little disappointed, what with waiting for nearly ever to see him live and all, but I could not have been more surprised!

This was the best damn show I have ever seen! Hands down!

I have seen hundreds of live shows by bands big and small. In venues big and small, good and bad, but this was by far the best!

For those who have not been to the "House of Blues" I stongly suggest you go.

Amazing sound and acoustics. No ringing in the ear and no headaaches afterward. The mix was dead on and the opening bands, Grand Theft Auto and gwenmars, were both excellent choices.

I was beyond thrilled to finaly get a chance to see Gary live and was even more surprised at how great it was after having envisioned what it would be like in my head for so long.

As usual, Gary did not dissapoint. So to wrap it up, Amazing show, great sound, excelent selection of songs, and all around great experience!

Matt Carroll ([email protected])

Blistering Set

Last night Numan ripped up the Chicago stage with a blistering set.

He came on at 11p.m. and you heard the ominous opening strains of "Pure" as played on the "Tour Edition" and the crowd was very excited.

He was playing guitar and strutting around like a man possessed. During "Rip" the crowd seemed oddly excited when he sang "I'll rip the skin from god's face".

He did not disappoint long time fans by playing plenty of old ones. "Cars", "Down in the Park" etc. He played "Dark" from "Exile" which sounded quite subdued and the soft sounding "Little Invitro," the only slow spot in my opinion.

No doubt the highlight of the evening, besides Numan's on stage "Mr. Hyde" persona, was the new material; A blistering "My Jesus" and "I Can't Breathe" rocked. I left after "Are Friends Electric" undoubtedly missing a couple.

The show was phenomenal. I've never heard a band sound so tight.

It was better than the "Exile" show 3 years ago.

Set: Pure, Films, Rip, Listen to my Voice, Cars, Dark, Little Invitro, Metal, My Jesus, A Question of Faith, I Can't Breathe, Are Friends Electric and mixed in somewhere was Down in the Park. I forget Where!

Dave C

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