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Fri. 3rd August, Eurorock Festival

Strong Impression

Thursday the second of august, thunderstorm at Neerpelt and goodbye to the a-marque tent. Disaster, but when you program bands like catastrophe ballet, chaos engine or unheilig, nothing is save anymore.

As this is one of the best organised festivals a quick change to the main stage on friday, and on saturday a new tent was already there.

This year there were a lot of numanoids, not like two years ago, this year a lot of numan t-shirts on the field. Then 9.05 pm the gothfather of electro-rock was on stage, and it rocked. I was at the front row, and when i looked behind i saw at least 2,000 people. At last Gary had the crowd he deserved. The set was brilliant, even when Ade Orange wasn't there.

I think Gary was pleased with his performance to, because at the end he thanked his band members very long. Highlights were cerainly the 'old ones' cars an afe, but pure and i can't breathe made a strong impression to most 'neutral' people. It was realy fantastic and certainly the highlight of the day.

The rest of the festival was good too. Fad Gadget was a good second best. He was pure nostalgia for all +35 ers, he played almost all his singles between 78 - 83, including his famous lady shave act. Saw also a very nice British band called 'swarf'.

Ending with a sad note, because the organiser told me that eurorock made a financialy lost, they needed 20,000 but only 15,000 people came in 3 days.

So next year the festival will be a lot smaller with only 2 stages and just one headliner each day.

Sad, but that's the way it is.

Greetings from Belgium.

[email protected]
Peter Heselmans

U Won't Regret It

Gary in top form and looking very fit, sadly the band without ade orange. but they made up 4 it with a tight sound.

At the beginning a few fans were waiting, as gary started all of a sudden the place was full of fans or poeple wanting 2 see what was going on!

After 2 or 3 songs everyone was buzzing!!!! Gary made a mark on a lot of people at eurorock!!!

The set was great unfortunately the concert didnt last a lot longer.

Get out 2 reading and leeds everyone u wont regret it!!!!


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