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Sat. 25th August, Leeds Festival

Haven't Stopped Smiling

After having spent the day watching mediocre bands and a really bad main stage timing fiasco meaning we missed Iggy Pop and then P.J. Harvey ran into Gary's set so I had to leave to go and see him.

The dance tent DJ who was on previous to Gary played the Basement Jaxx remix of ME to appease the non-dance crowd which has now gathered in the tent. This went down a storm and then evenutally Numan himself came on a little later than expected.

The crowd were ecstatic! It was a corking gig, really heavy, really loud and fast and the mixture of Exile songs, old stuff (cars and friends electric) as well as the Pure rock tracks was outstanding!!!

Gary looked brilliant, smiling and had a great presence in the room. The on-going battle between Gary and Steve came to a climax with Gary leaping onto off Steve knocking them both to the floor, really good entertainment.

The gig was fantastic and the crowd well into it.

I lost my hearing,my voice and haven't stopped smiling since!

Jill Lincoln ([email protected])


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