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Wed Feb 21st Manchester, Academy

It's All Getting Out Of Hand

Frankly it's getting out of hand and someone is going to get hurt.

Mr Numan hurled Mr Harris through his backline last night and nearly injured each other whilst trashing the gear.

Expect blood any day now.

Good audience Manchester except for the baldy punter who kept on shouting at Mr Lights to turn it up! What? The blue wash? Learn the technology before shouting the abuse, muppet!


The Crew

Head Banging

It's 10 O'clock Thursday morning, and my head is banging. It took a good two hours to wind down after this one.

This was the first of only two gigs I will be at, and it was just sheer power. Gary has a hard edge to his performance these days, but also seems to have a humourous tongue in cheek side too.

The sound and lights were brilliant.

The crowd were loud and appreciative, but not as rocking as they could be.

Set list was okay, but a surprising lack of anything between 1980 & Pure (apart from the brilliant Voix).

The new album is brilliant, but I would have liked one or two tracks from Exile.

Looking forward to Sheffield tonight.


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