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Tue. Apr 24 Michigan, The Royal Oak
Blown Away

WOW!!! I've been an avid listener since the early 80's (I remember seeing him on "Saturday Night Live" back then and being hooked) but did not expect to walk away from a show utterly blown away.

Doors opened up at 7:00 pm, two friends and myself showed up at 7:30. I was kind of worried when I looked around, for only 50 or so people were on the main floor of the venue.

By the time Gary and co. took the stage the place was pretty well packed (this was a Tuesday night, mind you, so a weekend night would have been all the better).

The crowd was a suprising mix of ages, from teens (banished to the balcony due to drinking laws) to fortyish adults, all enjoying a great show. The only low point was when some F#$@ing IDIOT in front of the stage decided to throw a small smoke bomb. A roadie quickly took care of the problem, and the show went on, everybody on stage totally unfazed.

I'll tell you that this is the first concert that I actually got CHILLS at, it was that good. I cannot put to words how "right" the sound was. The mix of material played during the show was PERFECT, a balance of old (Are Friends Electric?, Metal, Cars, Down in the Park) and new (the Pure tracks, as well as the high point of the show for me "Dark" from Exile).

This is the first (and NOT last) Numan show I've been to, and I walked away totally impressed.

I feel fortunate to have had to drive only fifteen miles to see this show, was seriously considering driving out the the Chicago show.

All I can say is thanks, Gary, and PLEASE come back to the Detroit area in the near future.

Doug ([email protected])

Punk, Bubbles, and Gary Numan

Punk, bubbles, and Gary Numan! Who could ask for anything more? Two words can sum up the whole evening-f***ing brilliant!

I personally enjoyed both opening bands, Grand Theft Audio and Gwenmars. Got the chance to speak with members of both bands and look forward too seeing them again in Chicago.

Now, I'm not going to bore with some long drawn out review. Gary was excellent.

I feel the show was much more polished than in 98 on the Exile tour. I can't compare to anything earlier because I live in the US and my first time seeing Gary live was in 98.

I for one think PURE is his best album so I may be a bit biased. The reworking of his older songs are well done and fit in well with the set.

I'm not interested in lights and fog so no comment.

The sound was good and the stage large so Gary and Steve had plenty of room to bounce and thrash about. If you are expecting something out of the early 80s you may be a tad dissappointed.

I'm pretty sure the set list was unchanged from previous shows.

Highlights-performance of Dark, My Jesus, and Listen To My Voice.

See ya in Chicago!

Tim Baroski ([email protected])

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