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Tues Feb 20th Nottingham, Rock City

Please Mr Sound

I made the trip from Milton Keynes to Nottingham in pretty good time which meant that for once I wouldn't get to the venue 2 minutes before the lights go out and have to stand at the back!

The support group - Little Hell - thrashed their way through 6 or 7 songs. They weren't that bad but I don't suppose I'll rush out and buy any of their records.

At 9.15 the lights finally went out and amongst the dry ice the Gary Numan band made their way onto the stage. No change in the line up: Richard Beasley, Ade Orange, David Brookes and an exceptional looking Steve Harris.

They took their places and were joined by Mr Numan. The place was pretty full - don't know if it was sold out? Pure started and Prayer to the Unborn finished the night off.

There were no real suprises - having seen the set list for previous nights. Films, Me I Disconnect From You and Every Day I Die were intermingled with Listen To My Voice, Rip, My Jesus and the excellent Torn.

Sound quality was brilliant - much better than any of the one-offs. Gary was in good voice and Steve Harris was on another planet. His constant twitching reminded me of Brad Pitt's character in Twelve Monkeys - I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait for The Forum gig.

Lets just hope Mr Sound doesn't have an off he did last time;-)

Mark Rider

This Won't Do

Well a day after my umpteenth Gary Numan show & I really enjoyed it.

I attended the Brixton show last year & the sound for Nottingham was much better. The opener 'Pure' was great & for me justified the ticket price on it's own.

However I think Gary's best live days are sadly behind him. He only seems to put effort into recreating 'the sound' of his new stuff, the old songs suffer terribly from a lack of effort. Maybe the notes are the same, but the sounds are not. 'Remind me to smile' for instance sounded like it was another band doing a cover version.

On the CD program (sold on the tour), Gary gives the reason for this as trying to update the songs, but that's a real cop out. 'Metal' was updated & sounded superb, but as for the rest of the old stuff 'updated' simply seems to mean add loads of guitar.

I really like Pure, RIP, Walking with Shadows, one perfect lie, Listen to my Voice & a prayer to the unborn (most of the album) & he played all but one of those songs, which is why I enjoyed the show. However, Cars, Are Friends Electric, Films & Remind me to smile (all great songs) where nearly a waste of time. The same string sound for all the synthy bits.

I'm sorry but that just wont do. I'm not sure if I'd go to see him again, as I no longer enjoy the hearing the stuff that made me a fan in the first place.

A real shame as I think his music is great.


Crowd Hunger

Support band Little Hell really got the venue rocking with some good songs, and them came the man the man who woud change our lives Gary Numan.

Sound quality was superb the best Ive heard from him in years the set list was great although there was nothing from the exile album, but the cream for me was every day I die which was reworked suberbly, the oone thing I did notice was the crowds hunger for each song.

The venue was packed to the raftas, long may this continue.

Hi to the american woman who made me laugh so much in the long and happy line of Numanoids.!

Mark Gibson

Roll On The Forum

Good support band, but when the man came on stage what a night. Everyone seemed to be up for it and Rock City ROCKED!

The place was full and I think then venue suited Gary with the audience so close to the stage.

I'm sure someone will post a run down of the songs and the various audio level etc. etc. etc. But lets remember this is FUN and I had a great TIME.

Roll on The Forum!

Crystal Clear Sound

This was the fourth time Gary has played Rock City and the fourth time I'd seen him there and yet again the boy wonder truly rocked.

From 'Pure' through to the closer 'A Prayer for the Unborn' Gary & his band were in blistering form.

Gary himself looked great and his movement on stage was p'raps the best I've ever seen. Steve Harris was also fantastic & looked truly evil!

The sound was crystal clear and the light show worked really well. What was especially impressive was just how into the music the band are - they were belting it out!

Gary had a bit of a laugh when the start to 'Me I Disconnect from You' went totally haywire - the only balls-up of the night.

Downers? Just the size of the crowd - the smallest Rock City turnout yet - only around 3/4 full.

Those who didn't go truly missed out on a man at the absolute peak of his form.

Jon G

3 Shows Till London

Ah Nottingham, dear Nottingham, close but no cigar.

Good shouting from the back, great dancing from the front and fabulous dress sense from the laddiesss! Sigh we're so easy to please.

Nice enthusiasim people.

3 shows until London. This has been a grand tour so far. Let's hope you're not a typical London audience and stand and gawp.

Audience rating 9/10

The Crew

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