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Thur. 19th April, Philadelphia

What a fantastic show!

What a fantastic show! Gary and his guitarist had incredible energy and moved about the stage like a possessed demons!

The sound was loud and awesome, and the lighting effects were perfectly managed for each song.

I agree with others that the songs sounded better in concert than on the CD!

The choice of songs for the set was appropriate, mostly from Pure, which is his best album since the early days.

Being a fan for over 20 years, I was happy to see a healthy mixture and old and new fans at the show.

Great job, Gary! I look forward to your new album and your next concert in Philly!

Paul Jakubski ([email protected])


Hmmm, I quite liked the local openers Inflatable Men, reminded me of old Ultravox; Gwenmars I thought were Oasis (snicker, snicker).

The venue seemed only about 2/3 or 3/4 full and the sound to me was pretty horrible - BUT I was extremely happy to have driven all day to be there and see a Gary Numan show.

I wandered from front to back to try to get a good feel and it sounded better up front. I could see the band trying to get into it and Gary ran off the side of the stage a few times to talk with the sound guy but it was only until the last 1/3 of the set that the sound was saved and the mood restored to profound awe.

I brought a friend to her first Numan show and she seemed to enjoy it. I really enjoyed the set list - I was happy to hear the new album material and I am glad he didn't delve into much of the old stuff. The sparse light show helped the crowd to focus on him and the band.

I had a great time meeting people - at Starbucks and at the show - and I think I remember Aaron in front of me at the tour bus - I nearly cried seeing him so happy to meet Gary. Gary seemed a little bummed and tired, but stood in the bus doorway and greeted the small crowd. I had Gary sign my Numan tattoo and SOOOO many people took photos of that and sent them to me - thank you all! I hope the moment makes it's way onto the tour video :)

(Gary later told me in Boston that the P.A. was "f?cked up" and Gemma apologized for the lousy sound!

Hopey ([email protected])


Absolute Worst

The sound was the absolute worst I have ever heard at any concert anywhere.

Vocals were barely audible at the beginning, and were terrible when they were made audible.

The sound was so terrible, it made it very difficult for me to enjoy anything about this concert.

Scott Levitt ([email protected])


As my first Numan show after 18 years as a fan, this concert was greatly anticipated.

The first opening act, Inflatable Men, were tolerable for a couple of songs, and then they quickly became annoying.

The second opener, Gwenmars, were all and all, enjoyable. The best point about them, apart from a couple of cool songs, was the distraction of their video images, which at points well accentuated their music. They are decent, but really not a good fit for the crowd.

It seemed like it took for ever before Gary arrived, but I was in no way disappointed by the show Gary favored us with. He was, to put it simply, incredible. The set did not vary from New York's, so there is little point in rehashing that.

More than just about any act I've ever seen, Gary knows how to be a rock god on the stage. He was full of energy, menace, and near-mystical power.

The crowd was a healthy mix of old fans and younger goth types. The old guys like me expressed more energy than our goth counterparts I think, but this suits them and me fine enough. The reaction of the crowd was deservedly enthusiastic for Gary's new material, which, in my opinion, comes off much better live than on CD, and this is in no way a criticism of the studio versions. Anyone who has not seen Gary live just hasn't really heard him either. If more people saw him live, I think he would be much more widely appreciated.

Ah, but how to get them out to see him? Cars didn't evoke much excitement from the crowd, whereas Down in the Park elicited a mass of cheers.

My wife accompanied me that night, mostly as a favor, but she told me after the show that Gary's performance was one of the best shows she had ever seen. I ardently hope that Gary will come to North America again soon.

To Gary and the band, thanks for a great concert.

IamRender ([email protected])


Don't Miss It

Being 19 and a huge Gary Numan fan says a lot. And.. he's my favorite artist..and this being the first time I've seen him (since that last tour I had pnemonia)...I was mystified!

It was a WONDERFUL performance...and I even met Gemma Webb and Gary Numan himself after the show. I was almost in tears. He performed a lot of stuff from the new album as well as old favorites like "Metal", "Films", and "A Question Of Faith".

Numan ended the show with a wonderful version of "Are Friends Electric" and "Remind Me To Smile"..oh my god..Gary Numan is GOD and I told him how much his music has gotten me through times good and bad and he thought it was so cool..and I got his autograph :-) I was in happy hysterics.

Jim Napier was there..president of the NA Fan Club...he witnessed it :-) He even commented that Numan and I looked like brothers. But enough rambling..great show..if Numan is coming to a venue near you, don't miss it

Aaron Proctor ([email protected])



GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!! Gary's latest music translates to a powerful and exciting stage show and sound. I couldn't make my way to the stage in NYC, cause it was so packed, so decided to head to Philly.

Well worth the trip as my mission was accomplished and danced all night! Gary looks great and I was also quite mesmerized with Steve Harris. I think he's possessed---no I'm sure he's possessed.

Don't miss this one and I have some advice--the closer you get to the stage, the better it gets--THANK YOU GARY!

Cheryl ([email protected])

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