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Fri. 24th August, Reading Festival

A Success

If there was ever a question that Numan's renaissance was but renewed interest from his famous 'Numanoid' fans, then Reading has dispelled those thoughts for good.

An uncertain stage, perhaps even some apprehension. A number of likely fans evident in black clothing on one of summers hottest days. Sure enough their Nuuuummmaaaan chant began. Almost comical to the casual observer - except that it spread like a bush fire. A bush fire would have been a cooler place than the crushing crowd that having packed the tent to capacity spilled across the grass beyond.

Iggy Pop had played early in bright sunlight without opportunity for effects, but Numan played as night fell. From the moment the smoke rose upon the first spotlit 'sacrificial shape' the crowd came alive! If it was immediately evident from the crowds reaction that any fears for tonight were groundless, by end of the first track it was clear this was going to be something special.

Those unable to attend should note that his wife and famously lifelong fan Gemma, was spotted filming the concert and saying hi to familiar faces. A commercial video release perhaps and as the lights arced across the crowd a moment of fame for some.

It will be an astonishing sight! We are talking an entire tent of very ungoth or 'numanoid' individuals acting like die hard fans! Arms everywhere doing the pointy thing on every 'Hey Bitch thins is what YOU ARE! and woo-oohs on AFE'

After the first track I don't think the band had any doubt it was going to be a success- huge smiles and everything went into overdrive.

Yet as a self confessed fan of his work, this reviewer took a reality check by walking amidst the crowd listening to the comments of those whose only knowledge of Numan is probably the ubiquitous 'Cars' and the media attacks of years gone by.

Totally amazing Wow! He is suuuuch a showman !

Gary Numan! I'd never have believed it - That was incredible!

Reckon that says it all!

Ian Meredith ([email protected])


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