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Sun. May 6th- San Diego, CA

Okay, I'd never seen him live, and I liked his music before, but boy was I in for a treat!

He gets out on stage, and yes, he's in his 40's, but can any of you honestly tell me that he looks it while performing? He's so energetic, and he's fully into the music. I loved the use of lighing in the beginning, nothing but RED, and then he went into "Pure."

He played mostly stuff from Pure, but he also played Metal, Down in the park, are 'friends' electric, films, Cars, etc... and one from Sacrifice, FORGIVE me, I don't know the title...

One thing I noticed was he wasn't really into playing cars, but only really did it as a service. I didn't care, personally, it's not a favorite of mine anyway. But everything else, he was fully into. Now, I expected most of the people at the show were there to hear cars just to get the "remember when" effect, but truly, they were not.

They knew all his new stuff as well as old, and it proved to me that Gary has some EXTREMEMELY LOYAL FANS! I considered him a great artist before the show. After? He's only second to Trent Reznor...

But, since the show, I've purchased 8 more albums, because I really want to dig deep and truly apprecite his music. It's like I'm hearing new music, because I wasn't a huge fan until recently, but it's great to be hearing it for the first time, it's a new experience, and I am truly a Numan convert. I can't say I'm his biggest fan, and I surely can't say I was there since the beginning, but someone like me just goes to show you what a great artist he is.

He's still kicking ass and turning heads.

I just wish he could get the exposure he deserves!!!

Jared Younis ([email protected])

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