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Fri. May 4th, San Francisco, Fillmore

The last time Gary played The Fillmore during the Exile tour was amazing. So i gladly hopped on a plane from Denver to check him out expecting the same outstanding crowd, sound and performance.

I was not disappointed. But some things did surprise me. First let me say that I do not understand the selection of opening bands. They both sucked, badly. Did Gary pick them to make his show look better since last tour had Switchblade Symphony stealing some of the spotlight? I was hoping for an all industrial sounding night with dj'd music between sets to get people dancing like last time. That did not happen, sadly.

The venue was packed at the beginning of Gary's set. I was completely shocked by the rush / crush of people trying to get to the front of the stage when he appeared looking in better shape than last time. Very un-Numan like behavior on the crowds' part there. The sound was great with emphasis on the drums and vocals. Gary rolled through the songs with as much energy as I have ever seen. I watched all the band members intently. Abe the keyboardist was very low key. Completely different than last time.

But Steve the guitarist almost stole the show. His new look and boundless energy is so much appreciated. He alone got a mosh pit almost going for a whole song. Gary made 2 comments during the night such as "I love doing this show..." and "This was the best show of the tour" and thanked the crowd.

Chants of "Numan" went on for at least 3 minutes during a break between songs making Gary smile. The crowd really lacked any younger people. Hell, I'm 31, married and have children and one of Gary's biggest fans. Everyone else looked like early 30's too. What will Gary have to do to get younger fans? Tour with somebody "Hip" today. Once they hear and see this man and his new sound he will surely get the new fans he wants.

Best song of the night was "My Jesus" by far. I also thought the tour shirts were terrible! Sorry, didn't get one.

Now I know this sounds a little negative but don't let me put that much of a damper on a GREAT Numan show. It was magical. But since I have a number of shows to compare this one too I seem to have gotten a little spoiled and critical seeing the man who most inspired my life with his music. I only wish he would drop the religious themes. It is getting so old and it must be preventing him from getting the airplay and recognition.

In a nutshell, both Gary and the audience had a great time.

They gave out free posters at the end of the night. They are awesome! -

Tim tyran / [email protected]

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