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Wed 14th February, Southampton
Still Not Loud Enough

Mr Sound says thank you for your kind comments.

Mr lights says average is not in his vocabulary

Mr Monitors says you don't know what he does.

Mr Backline is upset he never gets mentioned.

More blondes and wonderbras in the front row please.

It'll help the reflect the sound and bounce back the ambient lights no end.

Crowd was alright, still not loud enough!

The Crew

Still Buzzing

It's the morning after, and I'm still buzzing from this one...

what a fantastc gig! Three cheers for the sound man.

I've been to several Numan gigs in recent years where it's sounded like he's singing underneath a duvet.

But last night the sound was crystal clear - and Gary's voice sounded awesome. Especially on "RIP", which had a wicked echo effect.

The band were storming - Steve as manic as ever. Gaz looked lean & mean - Gemma must have sent him on a pre-tour gym regime!

What else? Great set list; great lights (watch out for the full-on strobes for "I Can't Breathe"!);

oh, and crap t-shirts... but you can't have everything.

If you haven't got a ticket yet for this tour, GO GET ONE... Numan has never been better.

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