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Sun. Apr 22 Toronto, Palais Royale
I'm Your Number One Fan

It was my first time I brought my wife and a friend from work to. Gary, I must say no one will be able to bring you down. we loved the show it was fantastic.

We were standing beside the huge speaker and by the stage, it was great, but Ii wish it was in a bigger place you would of had more poeple there, I bet you.

Gary, I wish you would of sang the one song you left out from the pure cd, it was a great show and your eyes look meaner then ever, that was cool and your movements also was cool.

I wish i could follow you everywhere, remember i'm your number 1 fan

I listen to you for 23 years and i love every song you did all i have to say to you is COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

Thank you gary numan, your the best, see you soon


ray zyma ([email protected])

Personal Pilgrimage to See Electronica's Godfather

Though I've been a hard-core fan since 1979, I've never had the opportunity to see Gary Numan in concert … until now.

I travelled all the way from Calgary, Alberta to see him in Toronto, Ontario - a distance of 3400 km (2100 mi). I flew with Air Canada. While flying, I opened En Route magazine to look at the listing of music stations to listen to on the plane. To my great astonishment, there was a picture of Gary (the one on the third page of the Pure insert!) Channel 6, "The Vinyl Vault", had "Are Friends Electric" as the second entry on its playlist! AFE was not a chart single in Canada but did receive some airplay on album-oriented FM radio back in 1979.

Everything went smoothly up until the concert. I took a taxi from my hotel but the driver had never heard of the venue. The traffic was deplorable and we ended up driving past it. I ended up arriving a half hour late and ended up paying the driver 3 times what the fare should have been.

Luckily, the concert hadn't started yet. I'm not good at estimating numbers but it seemed like there were less than 100 people there, all strangers to me, mostly 30-something white males like myself. We waited and waited and waited. The crowd grew impatient, shouting Nuuuuuuman! Did he get caught in the traffic? Was he sick and the concert would be cancelled? Around 10:00 PM (the concert was to begin at 8:00!) some roadie types began placing bottled water around the stage and tuning the guitars. I put my head down and closed my eyes, pleading to myself that the concert would begin soon. I had been standing for over an hour and a half.

Suddenly there was a great cry from the audience. I opened my eyes and the lights in the room had gone out. I looked behind me and the ballroom was packed solid with probably over 500 people. Purple beams of light began "scanning" the audience from the stage, like a mini-spacecraft, and the beginnings of the song "Pure" emerged from the speakers. (I guess there was to be no opening act). Then the band walked on stage, all dressed in black, and, my God!, the godfather himself!

I was very near the front of the stage and was staring at my all-time favourite musician for the very first time. Ade Orange looked really cool with the square shades, and the guitar guy (Steve Harris?) actually had a mohawk! I was worried that the show would be more guitar than synth oriented but, to my great satisfaction, it was a perfect blend of wailing sythesizers (two keyboard players) and mangled guitars. The sound was absolutely perfect - not too loud or soft - and crystal clear including Gary's vocals.

The lights were perfect for the venue size, simple but very effective. Gary was very animated and, with abundant black eye make-up, kept staring intensely at different points in the crowd. He didn't talk between songs, which I thought was effective, in that, there was this driving momentum of one great song after another - a nice balance of the new and the old songs. It was the best concert I've ever seen in my life.

Some of the members of the audience were noisy like me and some were dead quiet just staring up at Gary (don't know what THEY were on!). My only disappointment was that it all seemed to go by so quickly. I thought, to make up for the lateness of the start, that they would have given us a few extra songs, allowing a second encore, but with all the sweat pouring off him, Gary and the band, I suppose, were just too pooped out.

This past weekend was one of the best of my life. I can't wait to see Mr. Numan again.

Shawn Pelton-Thomas ([email protected])

10 Times Better Sound Quality

Doors opened at 8:00pm...We wait, and wait, and wait...

Finally the lights go down and the opening strains of Pure fill the opening act..woo hoo.

The band are on stage followed by a very fit looking Gary Numan. Numan paced the stage like a caged panther, glaring at the audience, meanacing, angry looking in a way only he could pull off.

The music was pure, crystal clear, perfectly mixed and powerful enough to pull you out of your socks.. Gary worked the stage like the master he is, full of energy, head banging, lunging at the audience, and teasing the front row, close enough to touch him, strangly no one did.....he had the look.

At the end of Films Gary could contain himself no more, a broad smile cracked his face, he was a happy man, and Toronto was very happy to have him back.

The light show was not massive, but still very effective, and worked well with the music. The band played flawlessly, Steve Harris is hopelessly insane and a great side kick to Gary on stage. In all, an excellent show.

10 times better in sound quality than the exile tour. 2 thumbs up.

After the show Gary was as gracious as ever, signing autographs and having pictures taken until very late into the night.

Thanks Gary for a great night. See you next time.

Craig Burrows ([email protected])


Pure Triumph

Gary electrocuted me with his high-energy performance, which proved contagious!

The show was another pure triumph of what Gary loves to do best, which is bringing a new sound to all listeners.

Come back soon! Laura - Toronto Canada

Laura Hoddinott ([email protected])



This was my first time seeing Numan live in concert, however, I've been a fan of the man since the early 80's.

First off, the venue - PALAIS ROYALE at one time was a Ballroom in the 1930's. Artists such as Count Bassie and Duke Ellington had played at this hall in the past. THE PALAIS ROYALE is right on Lake Ontario. If you chose to, you could step out of the venue and relax on the deck/patio which is mere meteres from the lake.

They let us in at 8:00 pm and we were told that there would be no opening act due to some problems the band had at the border.

Gary, we were told, would hit the stage at 10:15 pm. At first the crowd was sparse but by the time Gary took the stage at precisely 10:15 pm, there were about 850 people - capacity would be 1000.

He came out on stage dressed in black and even had the black nail polish thing happening. The band looked like members of NIN, especially the guitarist.

The sound quality was absolutely fantastic. It was loud and powerful yet the sound was perfectly crisp and clear. The set list was the same as earlier shows in the week. He opened with "Pure." Highlights for me would be "Down in the Park", "I Can't Breathe" and "Are Friends Electric?" which was the first song of the encore. "Cars" had the crowd in total rapture. I was amazed by the energy that Gary and the band put into the show. Major headbanging and dramatic posing.

The concert was somewhat short - only 1 hour and 20 mins. Gary never said anything to the crowd other than a "thank you" or "goodnight", but he gave it everything he had. The sound......incredible.....oh, did I already mention that?

Cameras were allowed in the venue. So bring a camera with you for his upcoming gigs. I must have taken about 30 pics with a 35 mm camera (with flash). I will send some of the pics to this site once they get developed.

One fan was dressed like Gary from the Replicas' days and another fan had an Ontario licence plate on his car:

G NUMAN. Fantastic gig and I will most definitely see him again next time he's in Canada.


Eric - London, Ont CANADA


Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Well, where do I start.

Let's start with before the show. I was driving along the Blvd. where the venue was located and the traffic was a complete disaster. And who's bus was stuck in it going the other direction...of course it was Numan. he was sitting in the fron of the bus and I could see him through the window as I "slowly" drove past, I knew from that moment it was goin gto be a great night and day.

I went to the show with two friends of mine (Sean, my ex, and Steve...who was celebrating his 40th) and both of them loved the entire atmosphere and crowd. I got to meet up with some other fans that I've spoken to over the net: "ecliptor" (Josh) from BLU, machj (Joe from AFEnet) and his sister, Angela. Tied to run into Jonesy but he got stuck because of work and though I asked about half a dozen people if the were "Morpheus" (Arick from AFEnet) I never found him. Oh, and I even got to quick chance to say hello to Gemma (wow, is she ever beautiful!).

Now for the show. We all started off at the back of the hall so that we could see the entire stage but after 2 songs or so, Angela found a great spot just to the right of the stage up close and personal. No matter where we went around the hall (I'll get to that in a minute) the sound was great. From the very beginning you could hear the vocals clearly and un-muffled. The keyboards really had a great sound as did the drums. I thought the guitars could have been turned up "just a hair" but that's only because I play one myself.

The light show wasn't what I had seen from other postings and from the picutes attached to them. For some reason I guess the roof was not high enough to place those "columns" in the back and so they were along the sides instead. But still effective and looked great.

The hall itself has been around since the 1920's so wasn't really made for some good rock performances, as was displayed by a bar that went across the stage, about a foot and a half above Gary's and Steve's head. Gary hung from it once or twice so that added a new dimention to things. But, all in all I was loving the show.

The set list was the same as all the other shows which is no surprise to me. Most of those special songs he performed in the UK would never go over here. Simply because people wouldn't know them (well a few of us would).

The crowd was great and appreciative. There were those who have been fans for years (30's & 40's) and surprisingly there were those who were in their early 20's (the show was 19+) who were new fans. All were loving the new and old stuff. Down in the Park seemed to get one of the biggest receptions of the night. Many of the Pure songs got a great rowdy welcome as well. Good for you Gary!!

Now for after the show (my favorite part). Josh, Steve and myself waited out side the bus for a chance to meet and see if we could get anything signed or at least a picture with "the Man". I was not disappointed. Both Josh and I got pictures and Steve got his ticket autographed. Gary was very polite and all smiles. I've never heard anyone say "thank-you" so much and mean it.

When it came to get my picture taken, Josh forgot to advance the film and that made Gary really laugh, so Josh and I were glad to be sharing a chuckle withe him. So to end, I had a great exp[erience.

Memories that will last for a life time and I even have it now on film. Met some new people and I think I've made a couple of converts to Numan music. Thanks to everyone I met and talked to, you help make it a great night...

Until the next time...

Alex (aka Magic)



This was the first time I have seen Gary Numan perform and all I can say is WOW!

Good time was had by all. The show was a bit short though. The beer was also a bit expensive but hey, it's a club so I must be getting old.

He put on a good performance and the sound and light show was also well set up.

The venue was small, but he lit it up well with a good supply of the Pure album and the odd oldie thrown in to keep the masses happy.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8

Mike ([email protected])


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