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Friday 20th September, Liverpool Lomax
Motionless Fans

Just a few comments on the gig. Im not ususally overly critical of stuff like sound quality, miming and the great is it a wig debate. However I did wince a couple of times at the sound quality, particularly the keyboards and the DAT stuff which sounded dead rough from where I was stood. Drums and guitars were spot on though, unfortunately thats all I could hear on some songs.

The venue was a bit of a shed to be honest, stage was too small and hence really couldnt accomodate a decent light show, but thats enough negatives.

Oh didnt I Say, Moral, We Are So Fragile, Bleed and This Wreckage were the highlights of a good set, which could have done with just a little more Exile for my liking. Slightly disapointed that there was no new stuff, although not entirely unexpected.

Not sure if Gary was actually playing keyboards or playing mine sweeper on that lap-top during M.E.

Still cant understand why Numan fans spend money to stand motion less for two hours and look as if they are genuinely not enjoying the gig. My cousin and I were towards the front and fortunate to be close to three other like minded souls. We managed to mosh it up during I cant breathe, Oh Didnt I say & We Are so Fragile. Couldnt believe it when some miserable twat kicked me in the leg afterwards. Come on guys this is rock n roll not Darby n Joan. It really annoys me to see Numan and Harris giving it all, going fucking mental on stage and getting no reaction from large parts of the audience.

Steve Harris must live in a gym by the way, to get a body like that, nice skirt too.

Despite the few negative points, the show was still a stormer, looking forward to some new material and going to see some gigs in some "proper" venues next year.


Nothing Short of Electric

At last Gary Numan returns to Liverpool. This was by far the best Liverpool 'Numan' gig i've been to, and i've been to them all except the first one in 1979. The choice of venue seemed strange, but I would rather see him in a packed out Lomax than a half full Empire.

The atmosphere was excellent, and Numan's performance was nothing short of electric. You could tell right from the start that he was really up for it. The set list was as expected with a mixture of reworked older songs and plenty of tracks off Pure. Highlights of the night were: My shadow in vain, Oh! didn't I say, Moral, This Wreckage, I die You die and M.E. The sound was good, though there seemed to be one or two problems with the right bank of speakers. They seemed to lose power halfway through M.E. and throughout the gig Gary's vocals and the keyboards were sometimes completely inaudible above the guitars and drums.

I went to this gig with a couple of mates, one who had never been to a Numan gig before, and one who's last Numan gig was Deeside on the warriors tour. Both said they really enjoyed the show and would definately go again next time. All in all an excellent night. What Gary needs now is some new material to perform, and if the interview with him in the Liverpool Echo is anything to go by, we should soon be seeing some come to fruition. Personally I can't wait!!!!

REVIEW Venue----8/10
Set list-7/10


Shite Club - Good Show

As a choice for a venue Liverpool's Lomax club was not ideal by any stretch of the imagination! It even made Manchester's Academy seem favourable! Still, Im not complaining, at least Gary has finally put Liverpool back on the map after missing it off for several years.

The show itself was good! Even the support act were worth watching - quite an achievement in itself! Gary was great, as usual, but I did feel that his voice seemed to be going weaker as the night wore on. I liked the way he'd totally revamped anthems such as "We are So Fragile", and it certainly went down well with the crowd! As for "Metal" - I liked the new version, but Im sure the lyrics he sang were from a completely different song though!

Again my only criticism would be that he did too much of the "Pure" album - fantastic as it is, I did feel that after the last weekender in April,he could have had a bit more variation, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed every minute! After the gig, he was in a good mood too, and chatted to fans for a good half an hour outside before heading back down to the smoke. At the ends of the day, after 22+ years, Gary is still a brilliant, and unique performer. He's proved all his critics wrong and is still popular enough now to attract crowds, unlike so many of his 1980s contemporaries.

Thanks Gary for another great evening!

Xylena B - The Monday Trooper

On Form

Really enjoyable night. Intresting venue, even more intimate than Manchester Academy if a little lacking in facilities.

Gary was on form, and appeared to enjoy himself. Great to hear some old favourites inc Oh didn't I say' & 'W A S Fragile'. Played 'Bleed' for the first time in a few years as well.

There were a lot of old fans from Liverpool around who were genuinely pleased to see Gary back in the city. Many were saying how much they had enjoyed seeing him for the first time in some years. (Come on guys the M62 could have you at Manchester Academy in less than 45 minutes.)

Good crowd, I was fortunate enough to be front left, among some guys who were prepared to rock a bit.

Sound was okay but wasn't as loud as it could be.

Great night though.

Den, Cheshire

Stand Closer To The Mic

GARY NUMAN returned to Liverpool for the first time since 'Outland' with a great set of modern tracks and some vintage golden oldies. Kicking off the gig with 'M.E.' the sound was clear and the band tight.Numan looked good resplendant in some armour plating he must have stolen off a passing Roman guard!!

The usual stuff from 'Pure' was in there and no doubt the arguments will rage again over the 'mimed' vocals.Th stime I have to say that the chorus for the following was certainly mimed: 'Pure','RIP' and 'I Can't Beathe'.Gary lad, if you are going to mime for whatever reason PLEASE stand a bit closer to the microphone so it doesn't look so bloody obvious,and get your timing right with the track.

No doubt some will want to take me to task over this but I've spent enough hours on stage myself to not be dubbed an 'armchair critic' and enough hours on stage to know when a vocal is live or not.

BUT don't let that detract too much from a bliniding show with the ressurection of 'I Die:You Die','Moral' and a real suprise with 'Oh! Didn't I Say?' and 'My Shadow In Vain' from the early Tubeway Army days. The lighting was very good with lots of red and white to push the 'Exposure' album and the lights during 'Down In The Park' were brilliant. All in all a great show and Numan on top form again.If you missed this tour then you have missed better shows than the earlier ones this year.

Out Of Ten : 8/10

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