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Saturday 17th February, Vicar Street, Dublin
The Place Nearly Came Apart

This was about my 35th Numan show, and prolly one of the best ever... the atmosphere was just unbelievable.

Gary flowed with complete ease and his mood was clearly very, very good - I've never, ever seen him enjoy performing quite as much as on Saturday night.

In fact, the whole band did, especially, Steve and David!

As for Gary and Steve - well... what a team eh? Rolling around on the floor together!!!

The set was just standard - no Exile at all though - highlight would have to be Me I Disconnect - the place nearly came apart!!!


Happy All Day

Wow! What a fantastic show! It was so much better than I'd hoped for.

A massive thank you to all our British friends who came over - we hope you come back and bring more with you next time.

Numan was in top form and gave it everything. The place (small and fab) was heaving with a very diverse crowd. Lots of goths, a bloke in a fields of the nephilm t-shirt, lots of gorgeous women and loads of Numan virgins. The latter were shellshocked by how good he was.

I was standing with the happy crazy crew who got the crowd going with whistles, shouts of Nuuuuuuuman and shitloads of shapes and pogoing. Respect to the Irish posse.They was converted bigtime!! I'm Irish by the way and have been going to shows since 88.

The sound was sharp, lighting - smallest ever but the vibe was invigorating.

Set list was pretty predictable. Some of the Pure tracks were even better live and it was cool to hear Everday, Films and Remind me to smile again.

I've got to mention the lovely couple from Wolverhampton - I hope we meet again.

So many memories and stories -

1. Met Gary, Gemma and the band.
2. So happy all day and night long.
3. The day all Irish fans wanted and wished for.
4. All the foreign fans (mainly English) who helped make it such a special night.
5. The crowd who will need a week to recover- sore throats, sore feet, insomnia etc.
6. Gary and the crew for making our day and year.

I hope Belfast was just as good.

Stephen Barrett

Keep It Up!

Glad at last to see 'The Man' in Dublin, and he didn,t dissapoint.

The sound was excellent, band played superbly, song set was ok.

Overall he really rocked the place.

I have to say it was the best live performance I have seen from anyone, anywhere. Keep it up!

Brian Flynn

Dublin In The Lead!

Well Birmingham were the best.

Dublin unfortunately knocked you into a cocked hat.

Nice bijou venue.

Audience giving it loads and a bit of a mobbing at the end.



The Crew

Numan in 'possessed singer slays guitarist on stage' shock!

This was an incredible gig.

Ireland seemed unsure whether it was in the mood to party before the start, but from the moment the lights started scanning the crowd (nice touch), the place went crazy.

The set list was a good mix of old and new - the Pure tracks sounded fantastic (a couple of sound problems affected My Jesus in places, but otherwise it sounded pretty smart).

The crowd really got into it - so much so that you culdn't hear the intro to Me! I Disconnect From You as the roars were still carrying on from the last song.

Gary was like a man possessed. He started by pushing Steve Harris around a bit, then dragged him around the stage, and at one point, he bundled him to the floor in the middle of a song. It looked horribly believable (although I have a senaking supsicion he may have just been having some fun), but also looked bloody good.

Their were tears in the eyes of a few (slightly aging) fans during DITP and three sets of appluase during VOIX, as every time it went quiet people thought it had finished.

There was pogoing a plenty during Me! I Disconnect From You and Metal sounded incredible - every syllable of the quiet vocal section could be heard clearly.

A Prayer For The Unborn was an astounding finish to an incredible night.

Roll on the Forum.

The Iceman.


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