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Mon 19th February, The Garage, Glasgow

Hot & Sweaty

Hot and Sweaty is the best description of this one.

Sold out to the gunnels. Even had folk queueing out of the lavvies into the hall.

Audience good at the front, quiet at the back.

We being the crew collective decided what our ultimate audience was, via a bus poll last night. It is very noisy, underdressed and gets the drinks in at the end of the night.

Only four shows to go, so COME ON!

Glasgow 6/10

The Crew


This Place was Heaving!! an outstanding gig,sound was fantastic,and the band....the band were just pure NUTS!!,

Steve Harris in his bondage trousers and mesh top(I actualy was wearing the top he REALLY wanted but he got a similar one instead),Dave Brooks with a single white contact lens,very striking!!.and Gary was just off his head.(Ade and Richard stayed very much in the background)

Same songs as before but this time during "I can't breathe" it was an all out fight with Gary wrestling dave to the ground and pouncing on him,then he turned on Steve.

This was a very great night,one of the best Numan gigs ever,definetly the best sound EVER!!...pity I can't get to anymore gigs.

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