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Sat. May 5 - Los Angeles, House Of Blues
LA and Anaheim

Fans, I saw Numan at the Hollywood and Anaheim shows. It was fantastic!

.Really, the show all in all ruled! Can't say which song I liked best. "Remind Me To Smile" was the best song played in that I was so surprised to hear it. Man I almost died!!! Metal also rocked, as did his brilliant new material. Damm he just keeps getting better and better...

Anyway I loved David Brooks? The synth/bass man. He is one Cool ass Mother F!!! Such a cool look. Love the bug glasses and the leather.

Anyway, know anything about a new album or another show in September in the States? Hell, let's put things in perspective, I would be there if even if he just sat on stage and played a cassette of his music.

The truth is I have loved Numan since I was 11 (I'm now 31) and nothing would stop me from seeing another show. Nothing!!!


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